Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)

What is DCB?

DCB refers to a payment system that enables mobile payment through airtime and requires integration with a mobile network operator. This method of billing works for both prepaid and post-paid customers.

In many emerging markets, people with Smartphones now use Direct Carrier Billing to pay for goods and services in apps and on mobile sites. DCB is also used as a preferred means of payment for votes on various reality TV Talent Shows in Nigeria.

Benefits of DCB

  • - Instantaneous payments.
  • - Protection of customer identity.
  • - Elimination of fraud.
  • - Ease of bill payments.
  • - Lower customer support costs for service providers and merchants.
  • - Price point flexibility.
  • - Higher customer reaches than credit cards.

DCB in Nigeria

In Nigeria, to offer DCB as a payment option, service providers need a Value-Added Service (VAS) licence from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) before integration with Mobile Networks such as MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile is possible.


What types of content can I pay for using DCB?

With DCB, you can pay for various digital goods and services such as:

  • - Games
  • - Comics
  • - E-books
  • - Wallpapers
  • - Music and so on.

How It Works

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For Merchants

  • - Sign up as a merchant on
  • - Integrate monapay to existing products
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For Users

  • - Access app or website for desired content
  • - Buy tokens, subscribe or pay one-time fees
  • - Check out with monapay
  • - Pay from monapay wallet
  • - Fund your wallet with airtime from your device.