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Frequently Asked Questions

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Merchant FAQs

  • What is MonaPay?

    MonaPay is a Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) payment solution for digital merchants in Nigeria or targeting customers in Nigeria.

  • What Can I do with MonaPay?

    With MonaPay, you can receive payments with airtime for digital goods. Digital goods includes products such as games, music, videos, ebooks, IVR etc.

  • How Do I Set Up My MonaPay Account To Receive Payments?

    Visit to create an account. Check out our API documentation Page to learn all about how to integrate MonaPay with your products and services.

  • Is There A Cost To Creating A MonaPay Account?

    No, it’s completely free

  • What types of payments can be made using MonaPay?

    MonaPay supports one-off payments, subscription services and in-app purchases.

  • What networks are supported on MonaPay?

    We currently are integrated with MTN and 9Mobile (formerly Etisalat). Airtel will be available in Q3 2018.

  • What is the Revenue Share on MonaPay?

    Revenue is shared 3-ways between the Telco (60-70%), Content Provider/Aggregator (21-28%) and MonaPay (9-12%) depending on the network.

  • Will MonaPay work with a website?

    MonaPay supports both web & mobile applications. See for more details.

  • Can I integrate MonaPay in more than one digital product?

    Yes, you can

  • Can I Get Help With Integration?

    If you need help with integration, kindly contact us at

  • Can I track my revenue in real-time?

    Yes, our merchant dashboard allows you review your revenue, add new products, compare performance etc.

  • Can I Test MonaPay before going live?

    Yes, MonaPay allow you test your revenue assumptions and review payment flow before going live.

  • How long does integration take?

    Integration takes a couple of hours depending on your level of experience.

  • How do I payout funds from my account

    Revenue earn through MonaPay will be transferred directly into the bank account provided on the merchant account profile within 45 days.

  • Need Help?

    Should you require additional support, our technical support team are on hand to help. Contact us today:

Customer FAQs

  • How Do I Sign Up To Get A MonaPay User Account?

    When using any app integrated with MonaPay, at the point of payment, you’ll be required to complete a short sign up process.

  • What is the Min and Max amounts I can pay for using MonaPay?

    100 Naira is the minimum and you can pay up to 500 Naira.

  • Does the amount in my MonaPay wallet ever expire?

    No, it doesn’t

  • Can I Have More Than One Phone Number On MonaPay?

    Yes, you can and you can easily switch between Phone numbers. However, you must have at least one phone number registered on MonaPay at every point in time.

  • Can I Contact You If I Have A Complaint

    Yes you can. Please send an email to